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Microsoft has serious plans to do away with Windows


It’s one thing to have a skunkworks operating system project, Midori, that could conceivably replace Windows. It’s another to actually have plans on how to switch users from Windows to Midori. Guess what? Microsoft actually does have such plans.

According to David Worthington, Microsoft isn’t only building a Windows replacement operating system, its “carefully conceptualizing a way to move millions of users away from the existing Windows codebase and onto Midori, a legacy-free operating system.”

The plans, which are far from being finalized, indicate the Microsoft is really running scared of Mac OS and Linux on the desktop. “Midori’s legacy-free objective [is] a preemptive strike against non-Microsoft operating systems, enabling the company to compete head-on by enticing customers to replace Windows with Midori instead of a non-Microsoft OS,” wrote Worthington.

I know many of you still have trouble with the idea that the Mac or the Linux desktop could possibly challenge Windows. Microsoft disagrees. Look at the numbers.

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