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Please don’t take our XP away from us!


The users are asking, ok screaming, to Microsoft to please, oh please, don’t take our XP Pro away from us. So far the big dumb company from Washington state is ignoring their customer pleas.

Of course, Microsoft already backed off killing XP Home once they figured out that Linux was eating their lunch in the hotter than hot UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) market. If they have any brains – questionable these days I know since Mr. Bill is leaving — they’ll revive XP Pro too, since XP Home is useless for business network users.

Well, Microsoft may not be able to buy a clue, but the big OEMs aren’t half as dumb, not do they have to try defending the crapware operating system known as Vista. So it is that Hewlett-Packard, Acer and Lenovo, that’s number 1, 3, and 4 in global PC sales, will continue selling XP Pro until June 30th. Dell, number 2, will stop selling XP Pro systems on June 18th.

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