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Firefox Download Day Set


Mark June 17th on your calendars Firefox and open source fans. That’s the day when the Mozilla Corp. is going to release Firefox 3 and try to set a new world record for downloads of a single product in one day.

Mozilla is encouraging all its friends to have download parties that Tuesday as it goes for the record. If you’re a friend of the Foundation you can stay over at Camp Firefox–aka Mozilla’s Mountain View, Calif. headquarters–for wall climbing, movies, parties, and, oh yes, lots and lots of downloads. Truly hardy souls will be feted with a waffle breakfast the next morning

Who knows, maybe the Firefox downloads might even make a dent on the Internet global traffic.

For more details keep an eye on the Mozilla Party Central and the Spread Firefox sites. Of course, if you just want to download the popular Web browser when it becomes available at the main Firefox download site, that would be just fine too.


  1. OK! What’s your source? I have looked everywhere and this news is nowhere to be found.

    If true, it would be cool. I leave this job June 20. That gives me plenty of time to arrange a few downloads. Classes will likely be shut down so no one would mind if I squandered some bandwidth. I will even have an air-conditioner in the lab that day…

    HEHEHE , M$ eat your heart out. FLOSS is so much fun.

  2. Actually, I got a call yesterday from a friend at Mozilla. An e-mail followed, which I believe went to many people in the press. I’m not sure when the site URL that you cite went up. It wasn’t there when I checked around 8 PM Eastern last night.


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