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Going out of business sale! Buy XP before it’s too late!


“Last Chance!” Read the e-mail ad from Dell’s small-business division. “June 18th is the last day you can choose your operating system: Windows XP or Windows Vista.”

That’s not true at all as Gregg Keizer points out in FAQ: XP deathwatch, T minus 5 weeks, but there is enough truth in it that Dell’s not being shy about saying “act fast, because after June 18, Windows XP will no longer be offered on Dell laptops and desktops.”

I don’t recall ever seeing any company advertising the ‘old’ product over the ‘new’ product so strongly before, but Vista’s stink has grown so strong that it makes good business sense to promote XP over Vista. Has anyone ever been actually able to make a solid case for using Vista over XP? I haven’t seen one.

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