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Latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux released


Red Hat is on top of the business Linux world and it has no intentions of coming down. Its newest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), version 5.2, is designed to make sure that it stays on top.

Red Hat plans on keeping its big name customers, such as the New York Stock Exchange Euronext cash equity market, by introducing improvements in six major areas with the 5.2 release. These are: virtualization, the desktop, security, clustering and storage, networking and IPv6, and serviceability. On top of this, however, there is another major move forward: broader hardware architecture support.

In particular, RHEL 5.2 provides enhanced capabilities for x86/x86-64, Itanium, IBM POWER and S/390 architectures. These improvements are primarily in performance, power usage, scalability, and manageability. For instance, Red Hat claims that RHEL will support Intel’s Dynamic Acceleration Technology in the Core 2 chip families by enabling power saving by idling unused CPU cores, while also offering performance gains by overclocking busy cores. Red Hat also announced that, for the first time, RHEL has been certified on IBM’s new Cell Blade architecture.

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