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The best desktop OS is…

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Dear me. Just because I recently talked about Windows XP SP3’s virtues and vices, some people seem to think I’ve turned away from my beloved Linux systems. Nope, I’m still a rock-solid Linux desktop user.

In fact, I’m writing this tale on my #2 desktop, which runs openSUSE 10.3. But, just because I use Linux all the time-my current office’s desktop offerings include the aforementioned openSUSE, Mint 4.0, Ubuntu 8.04, MEPIS 7.0, Freespire 2.03-doesn’t mean that I don’t run other desktop operating systems. I do. XP SP3 has the lead with three systems running it-two on virtual machines under Linux and one natively; two Macs running Tiger and Leopard; a copy of the newest OpenSolaris that I’m still tuning, and one system that I tolerate having Vista SP1 on.

Some people collect baseball cards, I collect operating systems. It keeps me off the streets.

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