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I want my XP SP3!


Oh come on!

Today, April 29th, was when Microsoft was at long, long-one more time with feeling-long last was going to release Windows XP SP3. But, now, thanks to a ‘compatibility issue’ between the latest update and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, an SMB retail-chain-management application, Microsoft has delayed the general release of XP SP3.

Oh please. Does anyone buy that excuse for one microsecond? Vista, now at SP1, still breaks applications. As a matter of fact, it breaks Microsoft Dynamics RMS too. Since when has Microsoft let a little thing like breaking end-user’s programs, even Microsoft’s own end-user programs, stop them from releasing software?

I wonder if what’s really happening is that Microsoft is once more trying to boost Vista at XP’s expense. Will they get over it already? Vista is a flop. You know it. I know it. Heck, Microsoft knows it. Here’s the simple truth. I have yet to meet anyone, who’s not on the Microsoft payroll, who prefers Vista to XP. And, frankly get a drink or two into them, and you’re not going to find many Microsoft staffers or channel partners who prefer Vista either.

I don’t, generally speaking, like Microsoft products. XP SP3, however, in my opinion is easily the best Windows desktop ever. Since I pay for access to Microsoft TechNet, I get to the new stuff early. Not as early as I used to, but whether TechNet is worth the money anymore is a story for another day. Because of TechNet, I was able to start testing SP3 in late December.

How well did it work for me? Well, the short version is that by the time I was done kicking its tires, I had installed it on all my XP PCs.

For once, a service patch worked so well with existing applications while giving all the systems a bit more security and speed that I wanted to upgrade my systems. And, that mind you, was with a late beta.

I was really looking forward to everyone else being able to upgrade to XP SP3 as soon as possible, but — thanks Microsoft — now most people are going to have to wait even longer. How long? We don’t know. Microsoft isn’t telling.

So, while I can assure you that this is one upgrade you’re actually going to enjoy making to your Windows PCs, you still can’t do it yet.

A version of this story first appeared in ComputerWorld.

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