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The iPhone Leaps into the Enterprise, but How Will You Manage It?


Microsoft Exchange support has just brought Apple iPhones into the corporate network. But how will network administrators manage them?

Anyone who has ever used an Apple iPhone loves it. Besides just being cooler than an iceberg, it’s actually a great smart phone.

So, from the very beginning, iPhone users wanted, oh how they wanted, to be able to use their iPhones in the enterprise.

I mean, a BlackBerry Pearl is pretty neat, but come on, which would you rather have? Enough said. Now, thanks to a just-announced deal between Microsoft and Apple, iPhones will be able to use Exchange as an e-mail and groupware server thanks to Exchange ActiveSync. And to think analysts used to say the iPhone wouldn’t be relevant to the enterprise. Ha!

Great news, right? Well, yes, it’s wonderful news if you’re an eager iPhone user, or someone who wants his company to buy him an iPhone. But if I were a CIO or a network administrator, I’d be locking my door and turning off my phone right now.

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