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Google`s Real Goal: Messing with Microsoft


Oh, you might think that Google actually wants to help Yahoo, but what it really wants to do is to mess with Microsoft’s head.

The shoe’s on the other foot. Microsoft has made a multi-billion dollar business from FUDing its competition, now Google is enjoying its chance to see how Microsoft likes the same treatment by objecting to its proposed purchase of Yahoo.

It took Google less than a weekend to respond to Microsoft’s offer for Yahoo. By February 3rd, Google senior vice president of development and chief legal officer, David Drummond, had said, “Microsoft’s hostile bid for Yahoo raises troubling questions.”

Hostile? A bid of $44.6 billion, or $31 a share, a 62 percent premium on Yahoo’s share price, which was at a four-year low, is hostile? Wow. Give me a hostile takeover any day then.

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