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Rotten Apple: Leopard


Apple’s latest operating system release may be the most troublesome since Apple switched from its System operating system to the BSD Unix and Mach-based Mac OS X.

I have never heard so many complaints about a Mac OS upgrade. Back in 2000/2001 when Apple users were switching from its older System operating system to the BSD Unix-based Mac OS X, I also heard many a die-hard Mac user cursing at the changes. Then, however, everyone knew that there was going to be real trouble. After all, this wasn’t just an upgradeā€”both the software and hardware were moving from one operating system to another.

Leopard’s (Mac OS X 10.5’s) problems have shocked the Mac user community. Most Mac users would have agreed with me that Leopard wasn’t supposed to be a major step forward. Instead, it was going to be many small steps forward for the Mac. Well, that was the idea. It’s turned out to be a major step backward.

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