GOTO (Still) Considered Harmful

Seriously Apple? Seriously? GOTOs? In your Secure-Socket Layer implementation? What were they thinking?

Apple, Apple! When Ed Post wrote in 1983 that Real Programmers aren’t afraid to use GOTOs he was kidding!

No one should ever use go-to statements in any program. As programming genius Edsger W. Dijkstra put it, all the way back in […]

You can keep using XP for another year, but do you really want to?

Computerworld – On April 8, Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows XP SP3 when it issues the final security patch for the 11-year-old operating system. So it’s high time to switch to Windows 7, right?

Probably. But it’s still going to be possible to hang on to XP for another year or […]

Five reasons why Windows 8 has failed

Windows fans will whine, but Net Applications’ desktop operating systems numbers don’t lie. Windows 8’s pathetic user adoption numbers can’t even keep up with Vista’s lousy numbers.

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PC gaming comes to Ubuntu Linux with Steam client release

Since the dawn of the Linux penguin there has been one constant user compliant: “Linux won’t run my games!” Those days are now over. Today, February 14th, the Steam gaming client for Ubuntu Linux has arrived.

According to the Canonical blog, “users can now install the Steam Client with a few simple clicks in our […]

No Google Fibre for You (Or Anyone Else) Yet

I, and lots of other people in Asheville, NC, and many other towns and small cities throughout the United States, have been waiting for Google to announce who would receive the blessing of Gigabit Fibre Internet. Alas, we’ll have to wait for sometime in 2011 before we find out who wins.

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