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Klouchebag: The un-social social network measurement tool

Like it or hate it, Klout, the self proclaimed, “Standard for Influence,” has become an increasingly important measurement of how much attention you get on social networks. As Wired recently reported, whether you get a job or not can depend on how high your Klout score is. A lot of people hate this. For these people, there’s now a new standard for measuring one’s “asshattery online:” Klouchebag.

Tom Scott, Klouchebag’s creator and a UK-based developer, speaker, and self-confessed Gadget Geek, explained that Klouchebag is the standard for measuring asshattery online. A bit more seriously, he explained, “I got annoyed with the fuss around Klout, the horrible social-game that assigns you a score based on how “influential” you are online. This is the result.”

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