Fed up with Adobe Flash? Make it safer

We’re addicted to Adobe Flash, and it’s time to break the habit. In the last three months, multiple Flash security holes have been found and exploited. In the last two weeks alone, security expert Brian Krebs has reported that Adobe has released three emergency Flash security patches. Enough already.

Fed up with Adobe Flash? Make […]

Bigger, better 64-bit Chrome Web browser now available for Windows

Like clockwork, Google has delivered its latest version of its Chrome Web browser for Linux, Mac, and Windows users, but it’s the 64-bit Windows users who will get the most from this latest upgrade: Chrome 37.

Will Harris, a Google Software Engineer, blogged, “64-bit Chrome offers many benefits for speed, stability and security.” While 64-bit […]

Six Clicks: The most useful Chrome extensions

As far as I’m concerned, Google Chrome Web browser is the best browser around. It’s faster than the others and it comes with a great collection of free extensions that makes it even more useful.

Chrome, as Chromebooks prove, can be used as a universal interface for almost anything you need to do with a […]

Mozilla hires new CEO who will focus on Firefox OS

Mozilla, the company behind the popular Firefox Web browser, has been searching for a new CEO since Gary Kovacs, who came on-board in 2010, decided to leave almost a year ago. Mozilla has finally picked a new leader, former CTO Brendan Eich. With him comes change. Mozilla’s job number one will not be its Web […]

Chrome OS security holes found, patched

Linux is very secure. Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS, with its auto-updating and security sandboxing, is even more secure. But, neither is perfect. At Google’s own Pwnium hacking contest and HP Zero Day Initiative’s (ZDI) annual Pwn2Own hacking contest, three new sets of security problems were found in Chrome OS… and then immediately patched.

Chrome OS […]