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There’s a new bear in the clouds: OpenStack releases Grizzly


If you like open source in your cloud, you have to be happy that the OpenStack Foundation has just released the latest version of its popular open-source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, Grizzly.


OpenStack, the so-called Linux of cloud computing, was founded by NASA and Rackspace software developers. Today, it’s supported by numerous companies and organizations. With Grizzly, Rackspace no longer dominates code changes. Red Hat, IBM, Nebula, and HP are also now major contributors.


While OpenStack lacks a strong single leader, a la Linux’s Linus Torvalds, the Foundation has been successful in keeping to its six-month release cycle. Grizzly comes after September 2012’s Folsom release, which was widely regarded as the first production-grade version.


So without further ado, let’s see what this latest version has brought us.

There’s a new bear in the clouds: OpenStack releases Grizzly. More >

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