Six Clicks for Linux beginners: Ubuntu 15.04, Vivid Vervet

I’ve used almost every desktop on the planet, but Ubuntu 15.04 with the Unity 7 interface may be the easiest. Heck if my now 82-year-old mother-in-law can be an Ubuntu user, you can be one too!

Six Clicks for Linux beginners: Ubuntu 15.04, Vivid Vervet. More>

It’s an open-source world: 78 percent of companies run open-source software

The good news is that open-source software is used in the vast majority, 78 percent, of businesses. The bad news is that far less do even a half-way decent job of managing it.

It’s an open-source world: ?78 percent of companies run open-source software. More>

The five biggest changes in Ubuntu 15.04, Vivid Vervet

You can’t judge a book by its cover, or a Linux by its interface. If you glance at Ubuntu 15.04, Vivid Vervet, you won’t see a lot different from Ubuntu 14.10. Don’t let first impressions fool you. Underneath that slick Unity 7.x interface, there’s a lot of changes.

The five biggest changes in Ubuntu 15.04, […]

Dell XPS 13 Linux developer edition available

Dell has come through again with its latest laptop that’s just for Linux developers: The fourth generation Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. This model is the latest in Dell’s high-end workstation laptops for programmers.

Unlike earlier models, this latest power laptop starts at a very affordable price: $949. This “starter” computer is powered by […]

Docker comes to Microsoft Azure

As expected, container technology, especially Docker, has become hotter than ever in clouds. What you might not have expected was for Microsoft to adopt Docker for Azure. Well, surprise! They have.

First, a little background. Clouds are built on virtual machine (VM) hypervisors such as Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen. While you can run multiple VMs […]