The best Chromebook ever: Google’s 2015 Pixel

I didn’t just buy Google’s new Chromebook Pixel. No, I bought the high-end model with the 5th-generation, 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-5500U processor with 16GBs of memory and a 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for $1,299. And, I’m not the only one. That top-of-the-line Chromebook Pixel is sold out. Why would I spend this kind of […]

You need to apply the OpenSSL patches today, not tomorrow

At first glance, you might not think that the latest set of OpenSSL security patches are that important. Sure, there’s a dozen of them and two are serious, but are they really that bad? Yes, actually they’re not just bad, they’re awful.

You need to apply the OpenSSL patches today, not tomorrow. More>

Sling TV is coming for your cable cord with more channels and Xbox deal

I’ve been viewing Sling TV for several weeks now. I first got it because I wanted to watch ESPN. Since Sling TV first showed up in early February, it’s channel offerings have only continued to grow. Indeed, it’s now at the point where it’s rivaling conventional cable TV offerings.

Sling TV is coming for […]

OpenDNS acquires BGPMon

It seems a week doesn’t go by without some Internet-related security problem popping up. That’s why it’s a big deal that OpenDNS, a major Domain Name System (DNS) provider and Internet security company, is buying BGPMon.

OpenDNS acquires BGPMon. More>

NCC Group to audit OpenSSL for security holes

OpenSSL, arguably the world’s most important Web security library with its support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) in such popular Web servers as Apache and Nginx, has had real trouble. First, there was HeartBleed and more recently there is FREAK. It’s been one serious security problem after another. Now, the […]